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Great Mountain Soapstone
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Soapstone Countertops


Irresistible For kitchen and bathroom countertops, soapstone is recognized the world over as an excellent alternative to granite and marble. Its applauded presence is beyond stunning, with intricate and natural veining patterns swirling through its wide range of colours - from grey/black, green/ black, grey, charcoal, black, to dark green. And because of its high talc content, soapstone has a feeling of softness to the hand, yet its strength and durability is unequalled by any of its rivals, past and present.

Invincible Soapstone's performance is rife with a steady, never-ending stream of encores. With a high fusion point, low electrical and thermal conductivity, superior heat retention, and high lubricating power, soapstone is impervious to most physical damage from invasive liquid spills to scorching heat from super-heated cookware, and unlike granite, soapstone is essentially impenetrable and will last virtually forever.

Bath & Kitchen Soapstone Countertops
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